2009 SAP 505 Worlds Championships

Mike Martin and Jeff Nelson were convincing winners of the 2009 SAP 505 World Championships winning 6 out of 9 races.   A broken mast on the first day made for a hard fought battle between Martin/Nelson and Mike Holt/Carl Smit who sailed a great series to finish 2nd overall.  Very windy conditions for most of the racing coupled with two unexpectedly moderate  days on San Francisco’s famous Berkeley Circle will make this the “epic event” that is the stuff of legend in the class for a long time to come. 
Glaser Sails were used by 8 of the top 10:
1st: Mike Martin/Jeff Nelson
2nd: Mike Holt/Carl Smit
3rd: Chris Nicholson/Casey Smith:  Spinnaker only
4th: Dalton Bergan/ Fritz Lanzinger
6th: Nick Adamson/Steve Bourdow
7th: Howie Hamlin/ Ian Mitchell,Paul Cayard
8th: Tyler Moore/Geoff Ewenson
9th: Ryan Cox/Stuart Park

All races were won by boats using Glaser Sails including Malcom Higgins/Nick Johnstone who won Race 7!

2009 505 North American Championships
Held in San Francisco right before the SAP Worlds, Mike Martin and Jeff Nelson gave the competition a glimpse of their blazing speed and won without sailing the last race.
Mike Holt and Carl Smit sailed strongly to get second also giving the final race a miss.
Glaser Sails were used by 6 out of the top 7 and were used by the winners of all races.
1st  Mike Martin/ Jeff Nelson
2nd  Mike Holt/ Carl Smit
3rd Howie Hamlin/ Ian Mitchell
5th  Tyler Moore/ Geoff Ewenson
6th Andy Beeckman/ Peter Alarie
7th Ryan Cox/ Stuart Park

2009 I14 North American Championships
A day of distance racing followed by a light lumpy day in the ocean and a breezy shifty flat water day made for good racing and a close finish at the 2009 I14 North American Championships held in Long Beach, CA in October 2009.   Kris Bundy/Jamie Hanseler had an excellent final day to overtake regatta leaders  Paul Galvez/Guillo de la Barra.  Kris/Jamie passed Paul/Guillo at he final leeward mark to take the  North American title.  The racing was great and excellent training as the final event before the 2010 Worlds.
Glaser Sails were used by 9 out of the top 10 boats:
1st: Kris Bundy/Jamie Hanseler: Main only
2nd: Paul Galvez/Guillo de la Barra
4th: Kris Henderson/Allen Johnson: Main/Jib
5th: Joe Bersch/Herb Cole
6th: Ron Boehm/Pete Mohler
7th: Frank Flannery/Pat Schirmer
8th: Tracy and Ezra Smith
9th: Steve Goodson/Alan Diercks
10: Kirk Twardowski/John Gray

2008 A Cat NA's, Santa Cruz, CA
Lars Guck continued his continental winning streak by counting straight bullets in the 2008 A Class North American Championships hosted by Santa Cruz Yacht Club. Lars used a Lars1 design.   Melvin and Phil Kinder finished 2nd and 3rd also using Glaser Sails. Pete and Phil used the PP07 design. Glaser Sails have won every North American Championship since we opened in 2005.

Thanks to Davi Ottenheimer for making the NA's website a permanent presence at: http://www.acatnas.org/

2008 505 Worlds, Palermo, Italy
Howie Hamlin and Andy Zinn finished 2nd out of 122 boats in a regatta that featured generally light wind with crews folded inside the boat instead of trapezing for most of the races.  Glaser Sails had 3 in the top 8.  Mike Martin/Jeff Nelson were 6th and Nick Davis/Michael Duffield finished 8th.  Michael sent us a note after the Worlds to report "Sails were fantastic, we were on pace the moment we put them on the boat… This was Nick's first major 505 regatta".

2008 Corsair Nationals, Marion, MA
Phil Styne and Todd Hudgins won the Corsair Sprint 750 U.S. Nationals in Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts with a perfect score!

2008 505 North Americans, Cascade Locks, OR
Two epic days of sailing at the "Gorge" were followed by a day of lighter air for three days of great sailing at the 2008 North Americans.  Mike Martin and Jeff Nelson won the event but were chased by Nick Adamson and Steve Bourdow in second.  Howie Hamlin and Peter Alarie sailed half the time with new design radial Glaser main and two days with "someone else's main" to finish 3rd.

Great pictures can be seen at:

2008 I14 Worlds, Warnemunde, GER
Jarrod Simpson and Grant Rollerson finished 2nd at the 2008 Worlds in Germany.  This regatta saw some big breeze with Jarrod and Grant going fast with stock design main jib and spinnaker.

2008 Ultimate 20 North Americans: Huntington Lake, California
Congratulations to "Layla, "Cinderella Story", "Ethel Merlyn"*, and "Rogue" for finishing 2, 3, 4, 5 behind the professionals on "Honour" at the North Americans held in the  beautiful High Sierras. 
* Spinnaker

2008 A Cat Spanish Nationals
Congratulations to Juanjo Sola for winning the Spanish A Class title with a Glaser "Lars1" Pentex mainsail.

2008 Olympic Games: Qingdao, China
Jay coached the NED Tornado team of Mitch Booth/ Pim Nieuwenhuis at the 2008 Olympic Games.  Mitch and Pim went into the "Medal Race with a mathematical possibility for a medal and finished 5th overall.   Jay came home from Qingdao with a bag of Dutch "tulip" gear and credit for designing the radical "Chupacabra" that was the buzz of the boat park in China. 

2008 A Cat Canadian Nationals
Fred Eaton, sailing an A3, won the Canadian Nationals with a brand new "PP07" mainsail.  Fred's goal this summer was to sail one regatta each in three speedy classes- the A Cat, the I14 and the C Class!

2007 A Cat Worlds: Islamorada, Florida
The 2007 World Championships boasted a fleet of 99 boats sailing in the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys. Four of the top six finishers used Glaser Sails.  Lars Guck finished two points out of the winner's spot using a Glaser "Lars1" sail on a Fiberfoam mast and A3. Pete Melvin, also sailing an A3, finished 3rd using a Glaser "PP07" sail on a Hall spar.  Mitch Booth and Charlie Ogletree had a duel for Tornado bragging rights with Mitch edging out Charlie finishing 5th overall using a Glaser "Lars1". Charlie finished close behind in 6th using the Glaser "PP07". Both sailed XJ's with Hall spars.  The honor of the sail loft was upheld by Pease who won the 5th race, finishing 17th overall!

Mayor's Cup 2008
The San Francisco Women's Match Racing Team won this Grade 2 match race sailed in Long Beach, CA in Catalina 37'2.  The team with skipper Liz Baylis, tactician Pease Glaser and team members Molly Carapiet, Karina Shelton, Shala Lawrence, Sue Service and Suzy Leech went undefeated in the double round robin, semi-finals and finals.  We also won the Mayor's Cup in 2007.

Martin Monday "Goes PrimeTime"
The final team training session of Martin Monday 2008 was the subject of a video article that can be viewed at:

Martin Monday is a week night race training program that allows Pease to coach four boats in racing practice on a summer weekday evening.  In 2 1/2 hours, we typically practice as many starts and mark roundings as most sailors get in 2 1/2 months of racing.

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