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Jay can design and build sails for any type of catamaran, including many beach cats (check out the list at left). He has extensive experience with beach cats and has won a diversity of events, from national titles in Prindles and Tornados to winning the Worrell 1000. From one-design class sails to custom sails, contact us to talk about the type of sails that will best suit your sailing. Here are some general guidelines.

MAINSAILS. Vertical luff, radial clew and head. Computer-designed and computer-cut; extra large view window. All sails include roll bag, tell tales, sail logo and sail numbers. Batten sets are sold separately.
JIBS. Tri-Radial, computer-designed and computer-cut. All sails include roll bag and tell tales. Spreader patches are included as needed. Sewn-in battens are included. Full batten sets may be sold separately.
SPINNAKERS. Tri-radial. Computer-designed and computer-cut. Spinnakers are made from Contender Superkote 75 and/or Superkote 90, depending on the size. Sail includes a luff cord, and is supplied with a sail bag.

(Ask us for a recommendation for your boat and type of sailing):

COMPOSITE: Dimension Polyant GPL, Technora base scrim; Heavier styles include
carbon fiber
Smoke: Contender APEN: PEN X-Ply Mylar
White: Dimension Polyant PE: PEN X Ply Mylar
White: Dimension Polyant PX: Polyester X Ply Mylar
Colors: Dimension 180 Profile LL Surf Laminate. Twelve vibrant colors.
Choose any two colors and create your own personal lay-out from our panel diagram. Add an additional color for $100.

High Performance Racing: Dimension Polyant 180 or 205 HTP.
Club: Challenge 4.93
Cruising Colors: Dimension Polyant 170 Color Surf Polyester: 15 colors.
Choose any two colors and create your own personal lay-out from our panel diagram. Add an additional color for $100.

(All batten sets are tapered to our draft and bend specifications by our suppliers.)
Carbon: RBS Carbon Battens-Very light!
Foam: Foam core epoxy battens imported from Fiberfoam Austria. Lightweight and high performance.
Glass: RBS Epoxy E Glass. Extremely durable.

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non-class sails)
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non-class sails)
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