Sail Specs & Prices


We build A Class sails for all types of A Class platforms and rigs, from “Foilers” to “Floaters”. We are happy to recommend the best sail for you and customize as needed to best suit your size, rig and sailing conditions. Please contact us with details of your type of platform, mast, boards and sailing weight. Each sail is designed, cut and built at our loft in California. Class measurement is available upon request.

Sails available include these designs:

Fully “Foiling” package: Decksweeper mainsail paired with a technora deck seal trampoline.

“Flexi” masts” (after 2010): For boats with one of these masts and straight or curved boards. Sail designs “DB11” for smaller sailors and “DB12” for larger sailors.

“Standard” medium masts: “Standard” masts before 2011, not “flexi”. Sail designs “PP07” for smaller sailors to Lars1 and Lars1+ for larger sailors.

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